The Uttarakhand Tragedy or Controversy

Its been 30 days and we are still counting the dead. The NDMA that was established to decisively respond to situations like these has failed miserably in its first task since its inception after the Tsunami.The state government is clueless, still fighting about who rescued how many, the rainfall continues to hinder the operations that began only once the Army and the Airforce intervened, relief trucks stayed lined up waiting for a flag off from the incompetent leaders of the political parties while they were “Assessing the situation via an Aerial Survey” keeping the choppers rescuing people grounded for hours, assuming that a few lost their lives even because of that, the toll would be much much higher than estimated in totality (most due to the natural disaster and a few due to human blunders). Once again the petty politics and institutional failures prove that the officers holding privileged posts and offices are unprepared and the burden of protecting us from natural disasters also ultimately falls on organisations not meant for this purpose. Absconded babas are robbing the dead and alive, survivors who have not been rescued yet are being charged flagitiously high and the public is anguished by the tragedy. The Uttarakhand calamity is yet another example of our dyeing eco-system. The Himalayan chain is one of the most important ecologies to the countries on both sides and knowing even that has not stopped us from exploiting them with illegal profit agendas which has left them vulnerable. Do we blame this unpreparedness on the lack of funding or poor management?


My first post

How to survive in a job you despised since the first day..
Ok so this is my first experience at blogging so i thought it might as well be about a job experience gone bad.
What do you do when you are so displeased with what happens around you that in an attempt to rectify the situation you end up becoming the unwanted member of the team?
Well that happens and when you just can’t watch your team make a fool of themselves in front of outsiders you tend to step in and try to subtly bring them on the right path.
Now when you do that there’s two ways the that the situation can take a turn a) they get the point and discuss it with everyone in the team and figure out a time managed damage control b) they get hyper and go to next person above them and endlessly complain about you that you did not get involved when there was time and now you’re trying to make the whole planning so complicated.
Now in a case like this you’re ideal step should be to back out but that would only make them think that just because your idea’s were not entertained you decided not to do anything about it and just sulked and gave up. So what you do instead is make an effort and work on it and chances are that your work if logically reasonable will be appreciated by those for whom it was meant.
When you do these things at the last minute your boss will not have the option of not accepting it because he has never worked on it so he has no back-up plan but mind it your work has to very well thought so that even if you have that kind of negative image your work says it all.
I have experienced worse than this and believe it when i say this that you don’t need to change your thought process, your attitude, implementation skills etc, be rebellious where you know you have the right concerns but just fake the the rest.
If they want you to stay for more than 8 hours in office just make sure that they realise that u’re efficiency is actually better than theirs without saying anything. If they want you to be part of every nook and cranny of useless work make sure you prioritise your work because you get paid for just that and nothing else. Keep your personal life away from you’re colleagues and team members especially your boss and last and most important thing no matter how much your team members like you, you should never be friends with your colleagues.
The more they know about you the more info they will have against you to trade when they need it.